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SEPTEMBER 15, 2015

For a minute over the weekend I thought for sure summer was done…but not yet! 😀

Ok, first off, I’ve been swooning over leather shorts over the summer. They’re super cute, however, the fitted ones aren’t really ideal for 35+ degree weather.

Second, I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to wear these gladiator heels before summer ended. I got them on my second trip to the CNE. I didn’t get them during my first visit b/c they were $75 and I had already gone kinda crazy at the Club Monaco and Forever 21 sales a few weeks before so I was trying to restrain myself. But then–but then–the second time I went, they were down to $50! I couldn’t leave without them! And obvi, I didn’t.

In this post, I want to share how I save some money on shopping:

1. I rarely impulse buy.
– If the supply is there, I give myself a minimum of 48hrs (I’ve even waited one to two weeks on some
occasions). I leave the item behind, and if after 48hrs I feel like I absolutely have to have it, then I
go back for it.
– The only time I’ll splurge is if it’s a really good deal, and it’s a last chance kind of buy.

2. I typically buy items in the off season or on sale.
– This is a good way to try out that fad or trendy item that you weren’t sure you wanted to spend too much
money on, or weren’t sure if it would work for you.

3. Sign up for newsletters or any free memberships. You get notifications on membership only sales, public
sales, promo codes, etc.
– Ebates for example has cashback or promo deals that allows you to earn back a percentage of what you
– Stores like Banana Republic, Forever 21, and La Senza sometimes offer member only deals, and they often
have amazing discounts for the general public.

4. I save splurges for classic pieces like a good quality leather jacket in a timeless cut/style, or black leather

5. I clean out my closet every season to get rid of items I no longer wear, and bring them to a second hand store
that trades for in-store credit, or cash.
– The Kind Exchange is a great thrift store in the GTA that I’ve visited on multiple occasions. They also donate and have a store that sells items to raise money for charity. How awesome is that?!



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