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Hello there lovely readers! Happy Hump Day!

Today I’ve decided to share with you my “Thrift Shopping Haul” [YAY]

Let me tell you about a place I found out about when I was back in College, it’s called Kind Exchange. It’s a retail store where you can buy, sell, trade and donate gently used clothing. They buy items that are in season, so right now Spring. I first went years ago when they just had one retail location, now there’s sixteen [and counting]

This is the process, you bring it clothing items you would like to sell [shoes and accessories too]. They will spend some time sorting through the pieces you bring in and select items they would like to buy from you. They will give you 20% of what they are going to sell it for at their retail locations, or they will give you a 30% store credit. It isn’t a lot, but its still more than if you were to donate them [and get nothing].

I took in quite a bit of my Spring clothes last week, they took almost all of them and I got a lovely store credit [I needed new clothes anyways]

Here are some of my findings:

One Clothing floral print summer dress for $12.00

Mercer & Madison cheetah print sweater for $9.00

Chinese Laundry sandals for $9.00
I highly suggest you visit Kind Exchange, even if you don’t want to sell – but to buy. All of the items they select are on-trend and are very affordable!
Want more information? Visit

Another company that I was introduced to this past weekend at a Trade Show was a company called Style Crushes. They buy NWT (new with tag) items and gently used clothing from tweens, teens and adults. They are a Canadian owned, completely online business!
Want more information? Visit

Forever 21 knitted sweater for $8.00

I would definitely look into Kind Exchange and Style Crushes if you have trendy clothing that you’re never going to wear – you may as well give it to someone who will [and get some money too]



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