“You Don’t Have to be Rich to Sparkle”


Special thanks given to user “Silknsparkles” for featuring Kind Exchange in one of her blog posts. We love her motto, “You don’t have to be rich to sparkle!”

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April 9, 2013

I might be slow on hearing about this place, so please, bear with me if you’ve already heard of The Kind Exchange before.

But I am so happy about this discovery I could jump for joy! I love a great place to scour the racks until you find those one of a kind pieces or a designer label for much less retail.

Welcome to The Kind Exchange!

If you have heard of Second Time Around then you would know the founder of The Kind Exchange, Jeffrey Casler. In their own words, “The Kind Exchange buys, sells and trades fashionable clothing and accessories within its local communities.”

The idea behind Kind Exchange encourages community involvement, philanthropy, and most of all – fashion. “Kind Exchange is also environmentally conscious, offering a great venue to recycle unwanted clothing and help decrease the collective carbon footprint of the neighborhoods it thrives in”.

In my words, they are the keepers of all things fashion and beauty! They now have three shops open in Toronto. Two are located on Queen West and their newest, which I attended the grand opening of on Saturday, is right at Yonge and Eglinton.

In a little hideaway on Yonge Street, there are magical doors to transport you into the world of consignment shopping.

Racks upon racks of glorious, gently used, and in-style fashions for all sizes. Even a rack of “Staff Picks” which are updated regularly.

With a rocking mix of top 40 and old school music flowing from the speakers, the atmosphere is perfect to spend an hour (or two) browsing the racks and venturing into the rather spacious fitting rooms to test out your finds.

The best part, bring all your old clothes or things you want to update and you can have one of the sales girls scrounge through it to see what they want to buy while your busy with the racks of gorgeous clothes. When you’re done, they will offer you either a cash deal or a trade in deal.

In my opinion, take the trade in deal. You get more ‘value’ this way for the items you bring in. Plus, unlike gift cards from chain stores, the trade in value is good at all locations, never expires and never diminishes over time (unless you spend it of course)!

And trust me, there is something for everyone in these stores. And you will have a hard time NOT finding something you want to buy.

I found something to buy, a nice sheer white Guess button-up. Gorgeous and so versatile. I also found this great tag attached to the shirt:

So let’s get this straight: I brought my clothes. I traded some in for another shirt and an outstanding credit at any location of my choice that NEVER EXPIRES. I was able to donate the rest of my unwanted clothes to charity. I was able to donate a portion of my purchases to the charity of my choice. I got a gorgeous Guess top for less than a quarter of regular retail price.


Heaven on earth. I’ve found it.

Now I think I may have done a dumb thing. I spilled the secret. I spilled the beans that there is a chic and cute little boutique in Midtown where you can find trendy and classic clothes, accessories, and shoes on the cheap.


Well the cat is out of the bag so I might as well give you a link to their website while I’m at it.


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