Color your world: Let winter pastels brighten up your wardrobe!


Gray days are a thing of the past. Let cool mints, icy blues and cotton candy pinks bring a little color into your life. These sugar-coated hues are as delectable as those darling little French sweets. We think if Marie Antoinette were alive today, she’s say “Let them wear cake!”



Pretty Pinks and Minty Greens.

Here’s the scoop: Pastel pink is not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re already bored of this flavor, why not try a taste of mint green?  The color is flattering on just about everyone. Pair with a pastel lip to complete your look. These colors are too tempting to pass up. We’ll take two scoops of this trend, with sprinkles on top!

Ice, Ice Baby.

No, no, not boring Vanilla! These winter’s colors are so cold, they’re turning blue and purple! Yet, we’re not complaining one bit. Either hypothermia has got the best of us, or we’re in love with this seasons icy pastel hues. This look can go from day to night in a snap. Just add a purple smokey eye and you’ll be looking like an (ice)queen in no time!

Light up the Party! 

The holidays are all about the bright lights and sugary sweets. So, why not shine at your next holiday soiree? Pairing a pastel top with a metallic or feather skirt is a sure way to steal the spotlight away from the dessert table. This look goes perfectly with metallic eye shadow and a cotton candy pink lip. But beware, you’ll look so sweet that you better watch out for hungry guests!

By Ashley Bard December 4, 2012
Photos courtesy of “Marie Antoinette

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