Colour in the Winter!


So, I know Toronto has been having an oddly mild winter this year, BUT those grey skies are still enough to have us missing the summer sun here at KX. Medically speaking people are prone to depression or a case of the SADS every now and then in the chillier months. That’s right, grey skies and lack of sun and fun actually make people feel sucky!

KX, however is in full support of chromotherapy (colour therapy) and as we all know, fashion is an immediate and super poignant way to switch up mood, emotion and atmosphere. And hey, grey skies provide the perfect backdrop to a splashy colour palette! Here are some quick that ways we like to work colour into our winter wardrobe.

So here is look numero uno! We were dreaming of a weekend vaycay in Cuba, so we mixed a punchy head band and a nomadic oversized duffle bag with silver, army green and creme.


This headband is $6 and looks so good with the silver Club Monaco shirt- YUM! Sometimes all you need is a burst of colour to change the mood. Think Carmen Miranda with far less kitschy fruit!

No dreamy weekend in Cuba is complete without an amazing Weekender bag. This duffle is a one of a kind vintage find and at $59, your vacation may be closer than you think!

Now throw on these Aldo worker booties for $29 and BAM! Colour without overdoing it right? Stay tuned for Look Number 2, Botanics 101!

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